How to Earn From Crypto With Zero Investment

A lot of people, college students specifically have been intrigued by the CryptoCurrency craze. No wonder, it is called the millennials’ money. But the problem they often face is the lack of fiat currency to invest in. Their parents feel this is Ponzi, so they refuse to invest. And they personally are broke themselves.

But what they fail to realise is Crypto could be earned with ZERO investment.

Yes, you heard that right! All they need is a little patience and time commitment and you could be the next bootstrapped crypto millionaire. So hold tight while trying to grasp some of the things mentioned below. It might sound alien, but so did Internet in the 1990’s and you definitely don’t want to miss this train.


So just like the fiat companies have different market strategies for themselves, there is another one of the strategies that has been working out for crypto companies so far and that is the concept of airdrops. In the crypto universe, companies issue their own cryptocurrency in the open market. Now, in order for a cryptocurrency to thrive, you need a community who supports you, your vision and basically adopts the network that is incentivized by the cryptocurrency. But it is hard to convince people to do so. So these companies basically give away free cryptocurrency usually their own to people who perform certain tasks. It may include social media marketing, may include referrals etc. airdropalert is a great website for people to know about upcoming airdrops. Different companies have different ways to give them away. Mostly new coins are Ethereum based, and hence I would suggest you to create a wallet on Store the private key you generate in some safe place and give away your public address only. Use it to get the free crypto on this wallet. An example of wallet generated is given below.

Remember, it’s not necessary that a ethereum wallet will do for each and every coin. They may have different blockchain platform like NEO. So generate a paper wallet for that blockchain differently. If you still don’t get it, just go to their respective telegram channel and ask your question to the community. An example airdrop is of the IOST token which recently got listed to big exchanges like Binance. They had a referral program and people were awarded for marketing it. For each referral, it amounted to about 100 Indian rupees and rising. So watch out for them on a weekly basis. A simple hack to the referral based airdrops is to generate unlimited number of wallets and refer other addresses from one. I am attaching my airdrop screenshot below.

So, I think everyone today posts on Medium if they like writing blogs. It is great way to increase credibility and personal branding for an individual. But it pays zero to its hard working content creators. It just feeds on other people’s work. Adding more to the misery, they suspend accounts on baseless accusations ( like us).
Came the decentralised medium called Steemit. It pays in its own cryptocurrency to users who maintains the network and creates content for its platform. They have given about $22 million dollars till date. Don’t believe me? Check out the guys’ earnings down below.

The way Steemit gives crypto to its content creators without someday going bankrupt is a well crafted economics. If you are interested, you could learn about mechanism design as a subject and their whitepaper. is the decentralised youtube. No single entity controls the network. The content creators are paid in somewhat the same way as Steemit. The difference here is ofcourse the handling of the large amount of video content without single point of failure. It uses the IPFS technology which is still in its primitive stage. So the videos are slow to buffer. But here is again an opportunity for you to be an early adopter of the platform. Upload your videos both on Youtube and, and grow your content business. is the crypto on demand incentivized Q&A platform. You get paid in crypto proportional to the upvotes on the answer you write which further depends on the bounty placed on the question by the person who asked it. I have personally not tested the platform but have read about it, and it seemed quite legit. I am attaching the screenshot below of the platform.

So, basically gives you payments in Bitcoins when someone wants to pay for your time. So for example if you are someone like Gary Vaynerchuk or maybe an expert in ABC domain, instead of just sharing a public email for free, you could be paid by a XYZ person who wants to pay you to spend time with you. So, grow your personal brand, have expertise in some field or the other and create an account on As Joker says, “If you are good at something, never do it for free”. By the way, you could contact me on too. My handle is


Crypto will radicalize the industry in ways hard to comprehend. An average user will be for the first time be genuinely paid for his time irrespective of the decentralised platform he uses. Be an early adopter and you will not regret later.
That’s about it, folks. I will try to add more and more decentralised websites in this post when I come across one in the future. I bumped into the website I didn’t personally try it but it looked promising enough. Let me know about it in the comments section.
On a general note, I would suggest you to avoid quick money schemes in Crypto, and invest time and energy on coins and platforms which are legitimate. I hope to see everyone reading this blog get involved in the crypto space and take ownership of your personal data. Till then, keep hodling!

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